Program Details

Fundación Acción Humana De La Luz Eterna – A.H.L.E.

  • Start Date 2017-01-11
  • End Date: 2018-01-10

  • Location: San Francisco de Yojoa

Our aim is to help the children of the street and the children of the community that come from poor farmer families, giving them a secure shelter, a home for them to live in and the opportunity of receiving a formal education. This education and formation is given in such a way that the children that have been in the project can eventually help other children that are in the same situation. Some of our principal objectives are:
- Offer the children in a street situation and social risk a home and the opportunity of being productive humans in society.
- Re-establish family and social bonds.
- Stimulate the desire of studying and giving oneself the opportunity of being a normal human being with rights as the rest.
- Help the Honduran children to resist the temptation of drugs and help those who already suffer from an addiction.


Living in a dormitory assigned for the volunteers located within the Centre.


The centre is oriented to provide shelter for approximately 60-80 orphans, abandoned and underprivileged children from ages 8 -19. Besides shelter and food, its designed to complement the local public educational facilities. All resident children attend the available public schools. The centre also has excellent recreational areas, including sports facilities like a soccer field and multipurpose fields for basketball, volleyball, etc. There is also a small recreational pool where the children can learn to swim. Some activities carried out with the children are:
- Different excursions with the children.
- Sports and events that take place in the centre.
- Fund-raising events with the children, renting the centres facilities.

  • Age: 20 years or older.
  •  Gender: Indifferent.
  •  Languages: Fluency in Spanish is preferred, but Intermediate knowledge is acceptable.
  •  Studies: None in particular.
  •  Abilities and Attitudes: The volunteer needs to be motivated to take care of needy children. The volunteer has to have a high level of social sensibility and the ability of adjusting to the local conditions. Artistic, athletic, English and computer skills are appreciated.
  •  Religion: Respectful to Christian beliefs.

How to get there?
Terminal: Tegucigalpa / Toncontin
International Airport: Tegucigalpa / Toncontin
Domestic Airport: Tegucigalpa / Toncontin


6 months- 1.900,00 EUR

12 months- 2.500,00 EUR