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Centro De Conservacion E Investigacion De La Tortuga Golfina, El Venado

  • Start Date 2017-01-11
  • End Date: 2018-01-10

  • Location: "El Venado” community

La protección de la Tort
uga Golfina ( Protection of Turtle Ridley) starts since the year 1975 , In the community Marcovia El Venado Township ,has participated on voluntary basis in coordinating the following activities:

Raising awareness about the importance of conservation, harvesting and planting egg turtles and release of their hatchlings ( baby turtles ) , coordinating conservation activities with Local and National institutions, such as the Navy, and Township of Marcovia CODDEFFAGOLF , “Comité de verificación y control” (CVC) ,verification and monitoring committee .

Since November of 2008, “Programa de Pequeñas Donaciones” (PPD/PNUD) approved the construction Visitor Centre “El proyecto Construcción del Centro de Visitante para la protección de la Tortuga Golfina” That conducted the following activities:

  • Training in organizational strengthening.
  • Protection of Turtle Ridley.
  • Cleaning and collection of plastics in 4 miles of beach.
  • Collection and planting of propagules in 7 hectares of deforested mangroves, and preserving the habitat of species of birds like (Grey Heron, Yellow Warbler).
  • Build the Visitor Center for the Protection of Turtle Ridley. In all the above activities is a local contribution of 50 % of the approved budget.


The volunteer lives in the Research Centre.

  • As annual project the activities are planting and harvesting of turtle eggs Ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea) through months of September and October.
  • From there we do daily monitoring functions and exhumations nursery nest to collect data, and the release of hatchlings. This lasts until December.
  • The months from January to March are usually very slow and most of all dedicated to office activities such as paperwork, spreadsheets, administration of our web and Facebook page.
  • During the months from April to June, we receive tourists, take tours to the mangroves and bird watching areas and prepare for the annual egg collection.
  • During the month of June we train staff and prepare the nursery this is a relatively heavy work.

  • Age: 18-30
  • Gender: Indifferent
  • Language: Some Spanish
  • Studies: High School or College
  • Abilities and Attitudes: Computer experienced including management of all Microsoft programs. Experience creating web pages is a plus but not a must. Willing to work with children. English Proficiency.
  • Religion: Indifferent

How to get there?
International Airport: Tegucigalpa / Toncontin
Domestic Airport:


6 months- 1.900,00 EUR

12 months- 2.500,00 EUR