Program Details

The Vocational Institution Of Aitoo

  • Start Date 2017-08-14
  • End Date: 2018-08-16

  • Location: Aitoo, Pälkäne

The vocational institution of Aitoo (Kainuu Aitoon koulutuskeskus in Finnish) is a vocational institution which offers education and training for students with the most severe disabilities or chronic illnesses. We offer vocational  education and training in the fields of household and cleaning services as well as crafts and design. We also offer pre-vocational programmes, such as preparatory instruction and guidance for those who not yet have a clear idea of their career choice. We aim to ensure the education and training and empowerment of young people with special needs.

The main campus is located in Aitoo, pälkäne and we also have smaller teaching units in Tampere and Nokia. The total amount of students is 90. Their age varies from 16 to 20+ years. The students live in the school premises during the study week. We have approx. 60 employees e.g. teachers, school assistants, nurses, social workers. 10 of these work in the dormitory from  2–10 pm daily and two in the night shift.


Volunteers live in the school premises during the weekdays. Also the students live in there during the weekdays. In the weekends the volunteers can live in the school premises or in a support family. The school offers lunch for the volunteers during school days.


Volunteers assist in teaching tasks with our students. They can gain experience and understanding in working with special needs students of different kinds. By receiving volunteers into our institution we hope to build international contacts in the grass root level and to gain experiences of multiculturalism.


We hope the volunteers are interested in working among young people (with special needs). They need to be flexible and open-minded towards differences and also flexible towards changes in the planned daily routines.

How to get there?
Terminal: Helsinki / Vantaa Airport
International Airport: Helsinki / Vantaa Airport
Domestic Airport: Helsinki / Vantaa Airport


6 months - 2,850.00 EUR

12 months - 3,700.00 EUR