Program Details

Fundación AMBOS Sabanagrande & Jardín De Niños “Ana Joaquina Andino”

  • Start Date 2017-01-11
  • End Date: 2018-01-10

  • Location: Sabanagrande’s

Fundación AMBOS Sabanagrande is a non-profit center, supported mainly by the organization ATUTO's handicrafts sales. These sales give nutritional and basic health assistance to impoverished children and elderly of the local community (Sabanagrande). It also contributes to tutoring and school materials to the children. That is, it is contributing to improve their quality of life.

In the Fundación AMBOS Sabanagrande the following problems for children are dealt with:

  • Malnutrition
  • Irresponsible parenthood
  • Scholar desertion
  • Abuse

The kindergarten “Ana Joaquina Andino” is a public mixed preschool for children 4 - 5 years old. There are around 4 teachers in charge of their schooling in daytime Schedule (the mornings). Here, children learn to develop their motor skills and early social skills. They receive some English classes but not necessarily on a daily basis. They need the help of the volunteers due to the number of children, so that they receive the proper attention and stimulation. The volunteers’ English-speaking skills also contribute to improve the English classes that are offered.


Host family.


Fundación AMBOS Sabanagrande’s regular activities are divided according to the target groups:


  • Tutoring.
  • Non-formal education.
  • When there are enough donations, distribution of school materials and food.
  • Performing leisure and after-school activities.


  • Formal education / teaching
  • Assisting the teacher

The AMBOS project and the Kindergarten complement each other, as sometimes the siblings of the young kindergartners go to AMBOS in the afternoon. Since there is only one kindergarten and one school in Sabanagrande, all the children interact with each other and know about the project, so they all participate in a way, on special occasions or when they need the extra school help.

  • Age: Older than 18.
  • Gender: Indifferent.
  • Languages: Spanish and English.
  • Studies: None in particular.
  • Abilities and Attitudes: It is very important that the volunteer is interested in working with children, since this is the target group with which he/she will be most involved. Interests in sports, art and handcrafts and to be mature.
  • Religion: Indifferent.

How to get there?
Terminal: Tegucigalpa / Toncontin
International Airport: Tegucigalpa / Toncontin
Domestic Airport: Tegucigalpa / Toncontin


6 months- 1.900,00 EUR

12 months- 2.500,00 EUR