Program Details

Fundacion Horizontes Al Futuro

  • Start Date 2017-01-11
  • End Date: 2018-01-10

  • Location: Comayagua

Fundación Horizontes al Futuro (Foundation Horizons to the Future) is a rehabilitation home-centre, which main objective is re-education, qualification and re-immersion for male street children into the family and the society.

In an atmosphere of dialogue, respect and freedom it is tried to give the children the discovery of other more constructive alternatives, that the child takes responsibility for his life and that of the centre, that he grows values that favour his own dignity and living together with others, propitiating an education that discovers the values and that forms attitudes; or what is the same: giving them an integral formation.


Living within the social project


Fundación Horizontes al Futuro's activities are:

  • To form, give follow-up and the attention that each child staying under the boarding school regime in the centre requires. The centre becomes their home.
  • Teach them to take care of themselves, like personal hygiene, to wash clothes, perform chores, etc.
  • Help the children do their studies in colleges and public or private institutions through scholarships.
  • Give vocational formations through the workshops that are imparted in the centre by the educators and volunteers groups. The workshops are: carpentry, tailor-ship, computer and welding, in which also locals of Comayagua may participate.

  • Age: Indifferent.
  • Gender: Indifferent.
  • Language: Basic Spanish.
  • Studies: None in particular. Though skills and knowledge to develop the workshops would be greatly appreciated (carpentry, tailor-ship, computer and welding).
  • Abilities and Attitudes: Have self-confidence, have a firm character.
  • Religion: Respect and tolerance to beliefs; the project was founded by a Catholic priest.

How to get there?
International Airport: Tegucigalpa / Toncontin
Domestic Airport:


6 months- 1.900,00 EUR

12 months- 2.500,00 EUR