Program Details

Waldkindergruppe Waldfexxx Krems-egelsee

  • Start Date 2017-08-30
  • End Date: 2018-08-30

  • Location: Egelsee

Waldfexxx is a private organized childcare institution and offers a special form of kindergarden in a wooden area near Krems/Donau/Lower Austria. The children are exclusively in open nature, no matter what the weather is like. There is a tipi situated in the centre of the area that serves as premises of the “kindergarden”. We were the first in Lower Austria to found such a special institution. The focus lies on fulfilling the individual and personal plan of inner development of the child on the basis of self determined and active learning processes.
Free play is an important part of every day life in Waldfexxx as playing is important for the child’s development. Children learn the social rules of living together, gain knowledge by experience and thus become smarter with each playing sequence.  Playing provides the ideal background for the child to develop its personality and its abilities. Playing is important for the wellbeing and the psychological balance as it enables children to repeat what they have already learned and thus can add to the depth of their experiences.
Another focus in the Waldfexxx kindergarten lies on motion.
Motion is the starting point of any further learning experience.  As the children choose their personal form of motion the learning experience takes place almost “on the side”.

As nature changes constantly the area in which we stay on a daily basis remains the same. This ensures the feeling of safety that the children need in order to follow their needs and learning processes. In addition the children can perceive and experience the changes nature is going through in the course of the year, and these processes of living and dying form part of their inner experience as a matter of course. The child perceives itself as part of a bigger entity.


Host Family

The children are aged between 3 and 7 years and a pedagogical team of three persons is there to accompany them throughout the mornings. It is important to us that there is at least one male team member. About 39 kids take part in the program. Opening hours are 8:30 am – 12:30 pm. There is additional team time for the staff members of about 2 hours in the afternoons once a week.
It is our goal to support the children in their activities and it is the role of the adults – according to Maria Montessori – to help the children to do things themselves. This would also be the main task of the volunteer. It is essential for the volunteer to be ready to spend his/her time in nature every day no matter what the weather is like, as well as a special interest in the surrounding nature as well as the nature of the individual development plan of children.

  • We would like to host Spanish native speakers. The volunteer should be motivated to work with children, be able to work independent, like to be in nature in all kinds of weather and to bring Enthusiasm and motivation to the project.
  • Creativity, being spontaneous, or to have a musical sense is more than welcome.
  • As we run the school and the kindergarten environmental friendly you should be open or have
  • an ecological attitude.

How to get there?
Terminal: Vienna / Airport Schwechat (VIE)
International Airport: Vienna / Airport Schwechat (VIE)
Domestic Airport: Vienna / Airport Schwechat (VIE)


6 months - 2,900.00 EUR

12 months - 3,900.00 EUR