Program Details

GALEMO – Montessori School

  • Start Date 2017-08-30
  • End Date: 2018-08-30

  • Location: Klosterneuburg

Our goal is to accompany kids on their path of becoming independent and to have a self-secure personality. They should be critical, responsible humans in their community and show their social copetences, intellectual skills and creativity. It´s a small private school, initiated and run by a
parents association.


Project Accommodation (May also be in a Rural Area),
eventually host family


The school accommodates around 70 pupils in three different levels: “Primaria” 1, “Primaria” 2 and
“Sekundaria”. In each level we have children of three different age-groups studying side by side. All levels have two classrooms, where the kids can learn according to special pedagogical principles found by Maria Montessori.
Our teacher team consists of eight full time teachers and a few additional ones that offer some special classes.
Meet the Team:
School is from Monday to Friday and always starts at eight am. While the younger kids return home between 12 and 13 o´clock, “Sekundaria” has also classes in the afternoon until four P.M. from Tuesday to Thursday. On these days they prepare their own lunch.


There are no special requirements. A volunteer should be in general interested and enjoy working with disabled people of different ages. Reliability is also important when working the clients from St. Martin. No previous working skills or experience is required.

How to get there?
Terminal: Vienna / Airport Schwechat (VIE)
International Airport: Vienna / Airport Schwechat (VIE)
Domestic Airport: Vienna / Airport Schwechat (VIE)


6 months - 2,900.00 EUR

12 months - 3,900.00 EUR