Program Details

Rural Primary Education

  • Start Date 2017-01-01
  • End Date: 2017-12-31

  • Location: These schools are located in the urban setting of some cities such as Semarang, Salatiga, Jepara and Makassar South Sulawesi Island

The projects are located in the rural area of each city. Some of them are located in the slope of the mountain. Most of student parents’ are working in private sector such as farming, trader, labour, etc. The school location might far from public service such as sport centre, shopping mall, or bus terminal. The local people characters are family oriented, having good friendship spirit, having plenty time to spend. Nevertheless they are less in touch with modern life and thinking. Primary school (age 6 – 12 years old) is the first step formal education level after kindergarten. It is compulsory education that every child has to take.


The volunteer will stay at local host family or dormitory (to be confirmed).

Three main meals a day will be provided by the host family – simple basic Indonesian food, rice, tapioca/cassava, fish, vegetables, etc.


This educational level it is not merely about knowledge but also other aspect such as character building. Teacher and parents are having important role in leading their children. In this level, to raise discipline among student and grow understandings on need of education are important. Teaching and learning activities with the students. Then, doing activity, such as sports, art and music activities. Moreover, developing self-interest of the students.


The volunteer should love to work with children, open minded, be mature, respectful of local customs, tolerant, creative, flexible, patient, confidence and independent especially in motivating the students to speak up and be active in practicing conversation.

The volunteer is very welcome to create new idea and method to teach the children especially English such as bringing English book on how to teach.

How to get there?
Terminal: Semarang / Ahmad Yani Intl. Airport
International Airport: Semarang / Ahmad Yani Intl. Airport
Domestic Airport: Semarang / Ahmad Yani Intl. Airport


1st 4 weeks or 1 month Euro 400 extra fee Euro 75 per week