Program Details

We Serve Charitable Trust

  • Start Date 2107-01-10
  • End Date: 2017-12-31

  • Location: Ramasamudhram

Modern English school is a primary school that has been run for 10 years. There are around 225 children.


Accommodation will be in the Guest House near the School in the same village.
Food will be provided by the project.

  • Day to day activities such as: teaching, handicrafts, singing, playing music, organising some special events or activities for the parents and the community that lives around the school.

  • There is no bias towards volunteer’s gender; both male and female are welcome.
  • All volunteers must be above the age of eighteen.
  • They should be enthusiastic, adaptable and honest and above all have an open mind.
  • They should arrive with the thought in mind about how best they can contribute to the project.
  • In the volunteers daily work there will be contact with children so a desire to work with children is beneficial.
  • Our location is very rural and we live in a traditional manner so volunteers should be prepared to leave behind some of their home comforts that they must be used to.
  • If volunteers have certain skills that could be useful to one specific department, then we will utilize their services there
  • Skills which are desirable and helpful but not essential are: experience in health care, teaching experience especially English as a foreign language, experience working with children and anyone with good office skills is always welcome

How to get there?
Terminal: Bengaluru / Kempegowda Int. Airport
International Airport: Bengaluru / Kempegowda Int. Airport
Domestic Airport: Bengaluru / Kempegowda Int. Airport


6 months - 1,800.00 EUR

12 months - 2,800.00 EUR