Program Details

Centre For Social Learning/Zentrum Für Soziales Lernen

  • Start Date 2017-09-01
  • End Date: 2018-09-02

  • Location:

The project is based on outdoor educational methods. The aim of the project is to foster processes of social learning in a group setting, and they work with school classes, underprivileged kids and adolescents.



A single room in in the project. He/she can use the kitchen in the living arrangement for cooking.


The centre operates an adjacent adventure playground with a course made of wood and rope as well as a climbing tower with climbable walls. The purpose of these elements is to present groups with certain situations and to challenge them to find solutions together.

The volunteer should:
  • Take responsibility for her/his own work.
  • Have some athletic ability, be interested in outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing.
  • Be open-minded, emotionally and physically resilient.
  • Basic knowledge of German language would be an advantage.
  • Be interested in pedagogical work, particularly in adventure and experimental education methods.

How to get there?
International Airport: Berlin TXL
Domestic Airport:


2.600,00 EUR (6 MTS)
3.400,00 EUR (12 MTS)