Program Details

School In Caluquí- Cielo Azul

  • Start Date 2017-01-17
  • End Date: 2018-01-16

  • Location: Caluquí, Ecuador

The project is part of the foundation  Cielo Azul . The foundation works in different communities around Otavalo (30.000 people) with indigenous people in their rural schools. At the moment there are 11 schools cooperating with  Cielo Azul”.


Host Family.


The Project is a school in the rural surrounding of Otavalo. In the afternoon they offer different workshops. Depending on the volunteers’ skills, s/he can participate there too. The school has 190 students and classes with about 20-30 students.


We generally are open to all profiles. It´s an advantage to speak good Spanish because the local people often speak Kichwa and you don`t learn a lot of Spanish in the family. They have to be very flexible and adaptable because in the schools normally there isn`t a good management and it´s always changing a lot. Volunteers have to go in contact with the people and integrate their selves in their community. Sharing food or activities with the family and the teachers can open doors.

How to get there?
International Airport: Aeropuerto Marsical Sucre
Domestic Airport:


2.370,00 EUR (6 MTS)

3.500,00 EUR (12 MTS)