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Granja Escuela Agroecologica Mutualitos

  • Start Date 2017-08-16
  • End Date: 2018-08-18

  • Location: La Preserseverancia, Bogota Colombia

Ecological Project to Train, educate and inform the population prioritizing children in ecological and environmental food issues.

Perseverance is a neighborhood in the UPZ La Macarena, also located in town of Santa Fe the capital of Colombia, Bogotá. It lies in the east of the city. It was founded in the early twentieth century as a working class neighborhood on the outskirts of the city limits, which accompanied the development of Bavaria, one brewery in the nearby neighborhood of San Diego.


Host family outside the project.


Source separation of organic and inorganic waste processing and reuse them, making land and efficient microorganisms, planting native seeds, harvest after harvest of organic products food processing


Linking to any of the projects according to your taste
Help and strengthening language to children and young people participating in the farm. Support programs and projects developed in GAEM

How to get there?
International Airport: El Dorado ariport
Domestic Airport:


2.500,00 EUR (6 MTS)

3.200,00 EUR (12 MTS)