Program Details

  • Start Date 2017-08-03
  • End Date: 2018-08-05

  • Location: Canoas (about 10 Km from Porto Alegre)

Lar da Solidariedade was born in 2001 because of a need of the local community to have a space to let their children when they were not at school and it has attended more than 1000 families until now. Nowadays, the project is placed in a quite big area with two buildings and an open space, with a football field too. The structure includes also a library and an informatics room. The main targets of the project are the fight against social vulnerability, the right to citizenship for all and the non-formal education for disadvantaged children and youngsters. 


The volunteer will stay with a host family.


Lar Solidariedade offers pedagogical support and organizes workshops and activities such us arts and handcrafts, informatics, sport and recreational activities, capoeira, dance, music, environmental matters, library and so on, for children and adolescents between 7 and 17 years old. It also offers internet access and occasionally courses for the local community and handcrafts courses for the mothers of the children as a way to gain some money.


The project is looking for a volunteer who can support the existing activities (football, gymnastic, handcraft, informatics, support for the homework etc.) but also propose new activities such as music lesson (guitar, flute, percussion etc.), theater, dance, arts and language lesson (English in particular), environmental and recycling activities, and other sports. Some of these activities can be proposed to the community in general (adults too), not only for the children.

How to get there?
International Airport: Porto Alegre (POA)
Domestic Airport:


2.200,00 EUR (6 MTS)

3.300,00 EUR (12 MTS)