Program Details

Instituto De Rehabilitación Infantil

  • Start Date 2017-02-14
  • End Date: 2018-02-14

  • Location: La Paz

It is a specialized hospital aiming for rehabilitation of children who have gone through surgery or have suffered an accident. Most of the beneficiaries live in the house (currently 10) but there is also external children using the services offered.


host family


The activities focus on housing the residents and on rehabilitative activities. Every day the IRI offers medical services such as physiotherapy, dentistry and radiology. Some of the children live in the project most of them for short periods of time the house providing them with shelter, food, and schooling (not a formal school but provides teaching).

Tasks: If volunteer is to help out with the physiotherapy she/he only works in the mornings with the children that live with their families and attend the institute. Volunteers without particular training can teach English or some other subject and help with school work. Volunteers can also initiate recreational activities such as teach playing of instruments, read stories, take residents outside and cheer them up with manual activities such as drawing or making little bags or bracelets to sell outside the centre.


The volunteer has to be sensitive, responsible and very motivated. He/she should have interest in this type of job, be emotionally strong enough and be able to transmit affection to the residents. It would be beneficial if he/she had some training in medical area or physiotherapy.

How to get there?
Terminal: La Paz
International Airport: El Alto
Domestic Airport:


6 months for 2000 euro and 1 year for 3100 euro