Program Details

Rebuild Cebu

  • Start Date 2017-08-01
  • End Date: 2017-10-31

  • Location: Medillin, Cebu

GIED in partnership with the Barangay Kawit local government is undertaking rebuild project in Kawit.  In November 2013, Medillin experienced the big typhoon “Haiyan” and Barangay Kawit was among the area that experienced the worst destruction of properties, hundreds of lives and livelihood gone. Until this time the town is still suffering from the said catastrophe. The project hopes to open great opportunity for learning and understanding about disaster preparedness and mitigation activities of the local community and how they cope with life and move forward.  


The Local Government of Barangay Kawit, Medillin also aims to strengthen the basic social services as well as skills and livelihood services to the residents of the Barangay. Basic social services like health needs and well being of the local community, sports activities that will develop among the young people the interest and love of sports are among the priority development programs of the Barangay. 


Living with host family


In coordination with the Barangay Head and Program Development Staff, the volunteer will also be task to assist in the health programs like medical missions, feeding programs and distribution of medical assistance, family health care and emergency rescue/mitigation programs, skills and livelihood program for women and fisherfolks.

Volunteers may also have the chance to engage on the following activities:

1. Take part in the manual construction work of the village

2. Organization of disaster preparedness advocacy campaigns and activities to schools, etc.

3. Undertake environmental related activities like coastal clean-up, tree planting, advocacy, etc.

4. Interact with the local children and youth through art, sports and team building activities 


Barangay Kawit local government prefer volunteers who have academic/work experience or keen interest on disaster preparedness/management related activities or in the medical/health field to assist them on these social service priorities of the barangay.  The volunteer should be psychologically and physically prepared to immerse in field work activities and live with rural poor communities. 


Participants may bring their local food (Snacks/drink), educational supplies and art materials and used educational books if possible to be used and distributed to local children. They may bring sports equipment too to support the sports development program of the barangay. The project is open year round and accepts volunteers anytime when it is available.  

How to get there?
Terminal: North Bus Terminal, Cebu City
International Airport: Mactan Cebu International Airport, Lapu-lapu City, Philippines
Domestic Airport:


MTV- Euro 350 for the first month. Additional Euro 300 per month from the second to third months