Program Details

Youth Lead

  • Start Date 2017-08-01
  • End Date: 2018-07-31

  • Location: Dumaguete City, Negros Or.

The Saceda Youth Lead is a pioneering leadership consulting and a member of the Philippine Society for Training and Development. SYL has its own leadership center for its various trainings and programs. It has opened its own leadership high school in Dumaguete, the only leadership school in Negros Oriental. It runs 60 annual programs in training and development, ventures and international exchange. SYL is a self-sustained organization and is a recognized institution for youth leadership and development by the LDM-Institute for International Education,  etc.  


Living in the host project


In coordination with the Head of the Organization, school administrator and Program Development staff, the volunteer will be task to assist in Intensive Leadership Camp, weekend leadership trainings, school based training, Children and Youth Camp, Asia Pacific Summer Leadership Camp as well as have the chance to teach foreign language and assist teachers in other academic and extra curicular activities in the school. 


SYL work with a number of local public schools and communities around the country. The volunteer may be assigned outside Dumaguete City when interested, capable and necessary.  The volunteer should be psychologically and physically prepared to work mostly in the field and work with diverse youth. Academic and work experience or strong interest in teaching secondary students is preferred for volunteers who will teach in the school.


Participants may bring their local food (Snacks/drink), educational supplies and art materials and used educational books if possible to be used and distributed to local children. They may bring sports equipment too to support the schools sports development program. The project is open year round and accepts volunteers anytime when it is available. 

How to get there?
Terminal: Dumaguete Bus Terminal, Cebu City
International Airport: Mactan Cebu International Airport, Lapu-lapu City, Philippines
Domestic Airport: Dumaguete City Airport, Sibulan, Negros Oriental


LTV- Fee starts at Euro 950 for the first 90 days. Additional Euro 300 per month from the   fourth to fifth  months. 6 months Euro 1,800    12 months- Euro 2,800